Persuasive essay on steroids in sports

Sure, there has been several cases where someone has died and an otopsy showed the person was using steroids, but this does not mean they are a lethal drug as some medical professionals have stated. Some advocates believe that because steroids are legal, and since it's the decision of the user to take the drug, steroids are not causing a problem in society. Alcohol and cigarettes are consumed by millions, causing deteriorating effects on their bodies, but there has never been a protest to put a ban on the items because of their harmful nature. So how are steroids any different? Some people may state that the wide spread use of steroids among athletes is forcing young upcoming athletes to use steroids, even though it's against their morals.

This is because they know they can not compete adequately against their opponents who are using steroids to achieve higher levels of performance. One might say this is how competition works though.

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Race car drivers and gymnasts are out there every day, pushing themselves harder and harder, going just a little faster, or doing a new, more difficult trick. Many believe they are forced by their own desire to win, and the hazardous risks they take, be it taking a corner a little faster or pulling an extra flip in a routine, are no different than the risks a football player, wrestler, or weight lifter takes when they choose to use steroids to increase their skills.

Many believe these reasons make steroid abuse morally justified, and say their use in sports and other activities are just an added element in boosting performance. It is true, there has not been any defined medical research to prove steroid abuse is linked to severe medical implications, but words of warning from chronic users dealing with massive medical difficulties they believe were a result of steroid abuse is just cause to prove the harmful effects of steroids.

Alcohol and cigarettes are major contributors to the deaths of thousands each year. Frequently we see a family member, or friend, suffering from diseases and health conditions caused by smoking and drinking. These conditions can often lead to an early, horrible death for the individual. Many find these experiences an obstantial reason to not drink and smoke. In a similar situation, young athletes see their former athletic idols suffering from medical problems caused by steroids.

These professionals will even admit to their former steroid abuse in hopes to persuade the thousands of young athletes participating in steroid abuse each day. I find it hard to reason how young athletes can simply ignore the warnings of these suffering abusers. This can partly be blamed on the lack of This featured Argumentative Essay On Steroids In Sports is one of many example essays available on this topic. This is a great reason why parents are becoming angry about theinfluence professional athletes are having on their children. It is obviously not good when highschool athletes are getting caught using steroids more and more.

The percent of high schoolathletes has gone from 6 percent to 11 percent within the past three years. That is not a goodstatistic for young people to be taking steroids. I feel professional players caught using thesesteroids need to have more harsh punishment then what they are now. Now for other and most people, steroids just hurt the sport, and are a bad influence on kidsthat want to play sports. If athletes want to increase their body mass and become stronger theyshould have to work on that with out the influence of steroids or even the thoughts of takingthem. Not only can one be suspended or even kicked out of a sport for using, but also canextremely risk the state of their health.

Psychological effects appear to be the only consequenceof an overdose of AAS, but long-term usage can lead to infertility, testicular atrophy in males 3.

Racster 3and disturbances of the menstrual cycle in females. The severity depends on which steroid orcombination of steroids that are being abused.

The Only Good Reason to Ban Steroids in Baseball: To Prevent an Arms Race

The brain psyche , the skin acne , and the liver hepatis are three main parts of the body that get abused by shooting steroids. Subjects reported significantly higher feelings of aggressiontowards objects, verbal aggression and aggression during training. During the 6 to 14 week AASperiod, other changes included significantly higher feelings of alienation, irritability, anxiety,suspiciousness, and negativism. This shows that there are tremendous negative effects of usinganabolic steroid, not just the glory that we fans get to see.

Graham, Michael R Present players need to think of how they are affecting younger athletes.

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People can be for it and against it but all in all the professionalathletes taking these steroids are pretty much saying that it is alright if you take steroids; and thatis not alright for young athletes to think at all. They need to get to that high level of play on theirown not by taking steroids. Academic Search Premier. Whether a professional athlete is taking steroids or breaking a minor infraction in theircontract, they should have to suffer the consequences no matter the penalty. Not only areathletes getting away with such outrageous behavior, but they are making it more populararound the teenage world.

This needs to stop. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Steroid use has different effects on women than men. The women using steroids will begin to have facial hair growth. Yet that is not all!!! They will just not be growing facial hair; their chest will also decrease its size. The chest affect will be the opposite for men than the women. In my opinion steroids is not a good thing to be consuming when it comes to sports.

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It just will not be a disadvantage to those athletes that do not consume them but it will also make negative effects to the human body. The effects that it will do to the human body can be a permanent damage to the human body. If an athlete was consuming steroids and had a great performance and later on the news found out that they were consuming steroids. Which this would be bad for their carrier.

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Steroids in Bodybuilding Persuasive Speech

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Why It's Time To Legalize Steroids In Professional Sports

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