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In a patient Devin Kelley escaped from a mental hospital in New Mexico. In this case, and numerous others, the human is not mentally stable, making them the threat, not the gun. There is a bigger issue at hand- mental health issues- that the government is failing to solve with gun control.

This shooting in Texas occurred after an unstable patient escaped from a mental hospital; perhaps what the government needs to impose is stricter mental health regulations such as higher security at mental hospitals or better mental health awareness. Gun control infracts upon the freedom to own guns for hunting and sport. However, the government continues to keep adding gun laws, making it harder and harder for even a regular person to purchase a gun. When the second amendment was written there was no gun control at all, but over time the U. This gun control law directly impacts high school students as it makes it very difficult, and in some cases impossible, for high schools to have a trap team.

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Since this law will not allow schools to hold practices on campus, schools are either forced to find somewhere else to practice or not offer a trap team. Many schools do not even have access to another location to hold trap team practices, and therefore students do not have a trap team to join.

Many people seem to think that banning guns will result in significantly reduced violence. However, the ban of guns will fail to solve violence problems as criminals already, and will continue to, obtain guns illegally.

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The California Firearms Laws Summary states that any person convicted of a felony has a lifetime prohibition from owning a firearm Penal Code Section Criminals clearly disregard laws, so even though it is illegal for a felon to own a firearm, felons still obtain and use guns illegally. Just because there is more gun laws does not mean criminals will follow them, therefore more gun control will not solve violence issues.

In summary, gun control infringes upon the second amendment, fails to solve violence issues, and violates U. All American citizens are born with unalienable rights that cannot be taken away. It is time America bands together to stand up for our rights and explore new solutions such as better mental hospital security or mental health awareness, instead of stricter gun laws. Hartvigsen, Matthew.

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Schoby, Mike. Shapiro, Emily. Hailey, your essay is well written and concise. The points you make are direct and well thought out. My only critique would be that you left out that by passing gun control, the Government deprives its citizens their right to defend themselves. Gonzales that the government i. Police had no constitutional responsibility to protect individual citizens from harm.

Therefor the citizenry at large was left to defend themselves by any and all legal means. Gun control laws reduce the ability of the individual from having the capability to adequately defend themselves. There is nothing wrong with a community recognizing and mitigating the risks that firearms pose to the members of that community.

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There are at least five ways your legally owned weapon is a threat to the community:. Accidental discharge of a firearm 2. Purposeful discharge that misses the intended target 3. A child finds a loaded weapon 4.

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The weapons are stolen 5. The weapon owner develops mental illness. The community should decide how these risks are mitigated, if at all, running the gamut from outright bans to no regulation at all. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is our pleasure to reprint her essay. Works Cited Hartvigsen, Matthew. Another way to do this is to highlight or number ideas you may have included in a freewrite.

Formal outlines can help you organize a rough draft, especially if the subject of the paper is complex. The United States is one of the easiest countries in which to purchase firearms. In 24 states, anyone who is 18 or older can walk into a store, fill out a form, and leave with a gun. The Brady Bill has not gone far enough.

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Laws should be passed, requiring gun owners to be licensed in the same way car drivers are licensed. Obtaining a license would require a background check, fingerprinting, and passing a firearms training course. In some neighborhoods, many of the children expect to die violently, probably by a gunshot.

Even though we live in the world's richest, strongest, freest nation, our children do not have the freedom to believe that one day they will be adults. Guns in the home are five times more likely to kill a resident of the home than an intruder to the home. The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is used to support gun control opponents. The Supreme Court has ruled that this Amendment guarantees that states have the right to organize militias.

The NRA claims that gun laws will take guns from law-abiding citizens and leave guns in the hands of criminals. This is a scare tactic because no legislation has been proposed to take guns from serious hunters. Anyone who has a handgun in the home is a potential criminal because, if a child gets the gun and hurts or even kills someone, the parent s should be held responsible. Owning a gun is no longer a necessity for feeding and protecting citizens, and uncontrolled gun sales have led us to even less safety, as a result.

Therefore, stricter gun control laws are essential to the development of a society less frustrated by the fear of gun violence. Skip to main content. Outlines can help writers determine whether: there is enough information about a particular topic to fit the page length if ideas are actually proving or related to the thesis if there are gaps in research or supporting ideas, as well as helping with transitioning between ideas.

Referring to an outline as one writes a paper also helps the writer stay on topic, and can make the concept of a paper, particularly when the paper is rather long in length, seem less overwhelming. If your professor asks for a formal outline, it must meet specific guidelines: Begin with the thesis statement Use parallel grammatical structures for each level In general, use complete sentences.

Each level must have at least two levels; such as, A.

Follow the example shown on the opposing side for the appropriate numbers and letters for each level of the outline. Example: Working Thesis: Stricter gun control is a must in our society today. Guns are one of the leading causes of violence in the United States today. Guns are too easily obtained for any reason, by any person.

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The United States has an estimated million firearms in circulation.